Without Order Chaos Ensues


1.  No one is done working out until everyone is done.  Do not put up your weights or clean up your area until everyone has completed the workout.  This is a community, cheer on your peers until they finish, they will return the favor

2.  Put up your weights and any equipment you used immediately after everyone is done.  We all like a clean place to workout in, if we all do our part it will be much easier

3.  Keep your hands in the chalk bucket until you have finished chalking your hands (refer to the second sentence in rule 2)  EVEN if you are LeBron James

4.  Leave your Ego at the door.  EVERYONE is here to get better.  If you walk around here grunting for no reason and puffed up it’s only going to get you ostracized and mocked.  Don’t be that guy.  We are a family here, you have nothing to prove.

5.  Do what you suck at.  Don’t choose when to show up based on the workouts.  The greats concentrate on and overcome their weaknesses.  BE GREAT

6.  Don’t be late!!!  It’s disruptive and inconsiderate to the rest of the class.  We understand that there are occasional valid reasons you can’t make it on time and we will accommodate.  Anyone showing up 15min late to a class will be bumped to the next class.

7.  Athletes are responsible for their own health and safety.  CrossFit is TOUGH, the weights are heavy and the fatigue is real.  If your are in pain (actual injury pain) or you are reaching your limit, let a coach know and back off the weight or the pace.  If you need to modify due to injury or pain, let a coach know and we will help.  You should NEVER work through an injury that should be rested.

8.  Coaches have the final say on ALL matters.  Your coaches are trained professionals with a LOT of experience and your health and fitness is our TOP priority.  If we see poor form, we will instruct you to go down in weight or 

change your pace.  If we see you doing something that could possibly injure yourself or those around you we will address it immediately.   Ignoring a coaches requests will be met with one warning, if it continues the athlete will be removed from that class and cannot return to any class without a one-on-one consultation with the owner.

9.  Don’t make us ask you for money.  Dues are expected on the 1st of the month with a one week grace period.  If you plan to cancel your membership or put it on hold we need notification before the end of the month.  After the 8th we send Guido out with a bat and a sack of concrete.  Please don’t make us send Guido.

10.  Mind your manners and your language.  With heightened adrenaline and testosterone words may fly.  We understand this and may even contribute in the heat of the moment at times, however this is a family friendly environment and we regulate our music as much as possible as well so please be courteous and aware of who is within earshot when you are frustrated trying to PR that OverHead Squat.

11.  This box is a sanctuary for MANY.  We know your workday sucked, we understand that your boss is a jerk, we have car problems and financial woes as well.  This should be the one place you can come and let ALL that go for one hour a day and concentrate on you.  Leave all the garbage outside, respect the equipment, respect the facility, respect the coaches, respect the other athletes, push to the max of your ability and MAKE THIS YOUR HAPPY HOUR.

12.  This is a community.  You are among other like minded individuals who have decided the status quo is no longer good enough and have made health and fitness a priority in their lives.  Regardless of where we start, the important part is that we are here now.  Friendly competition and smack talking is encouraged.  However, backbiting, mocking, bullying and discouraging of other athletes or coaches will be reprimanded up to and including revoking of membership.

13.  Your children are your responsibility.  We supply a room for your children to hang out in while you are here, we need them in there for their safety.  At the end of the half wall there is a double-wide red line, at NO POINT should children cross that line while athletes are working out.  There is no food, candy or drinks allowed in the kids room, they are allowed to sit at the table until they have finished and then go back into the room.  It is your responsibility to clean up the kid’s room and any wrappers or food left behind before you leave, failure to do so will lead to revoked privileges of the kid’s room.

14.  Mix powders in the sink ONLY.  Yes I know you’re extremely careful  but accidents happen (A LOT).  Put your bottle and the powder IN the sink and mix them there.

-No dropping empty bars or Kettlebells

-Do not drop 10’s or 15’s from above your waist

-Use the supplied spray bottle and rag to clean up your sweat or chalk mess